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Cambrian Wealth Management Bank is a leading-edge technology company and the world's first purpose-built global clearing, agency and transaction bank. We leverage our patented technology innovations and differentiated bank capabilities to lift economies and communities by powering the borderless economic infrastructure of the future.

Our clients are banks, clearing houses, digital & traditional asset firms, governments, financial services companies from local fintechs to global institutions, payment networks and non-financial brands seeking to launch fully compliant financial products and services in-country and cross-border.

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    As a bank, we provide an exceptional service. But we are so much more than a bank. We are a trusted partner, adviser, and friend to our clients.

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    There is a reason why families stay with us for generations. We are committed to helping clients reach their potential, connecting with and contributing to our wider society.

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    We are strong advocates of sound financial planning. We work to raise awareness of its importance and improve people’s understanding of how to do it effectively.

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Mission Statement

Through our philanthropy services, provided by the Cambrians Institute, we help our clients to support the causes and communities they care about.

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Our Network

86 Branches around the country


More than 1.5 illion customers


1.6k professional employees

Loans Disbursed

45.6 Cr loans for 258 customers

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Banking Experience

Our Commercial relationship managers have many years’ experience of working with clients in our core sectors and a practical understanding of the issues and challenges faced by those businesses. We combine this industry insight with a thorough understanding of you and your business to deliver an exceptional service by experts who care


Report for the Year 2021

Awards & Major Achivements

Outstanding performance and achievements.

Bank of the Year

  • Year: 2020-2021
  • Award by: London Business Times

Best Commercial
Bank Award

  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Award by: London Business Times

Best Private Bank

  • Year: 2018-2019
  • Award by: London Business Times

Banker’s Bank of the
Year Awards

  • Year: 2014-2015
  • Award by: London Business Times

Who We Are

The co-operative values on which we built this bank over 75 years ago still stand today. They are more than the foundations of the bank, they are what connect us together - colleagues, customers, the businesses we bank, charities we support and the issues we stand for.


We exist to fulfill the aspirations and dreams of our customers and partners.
To our individual customers, we are a trusted place to keep their investments and we help them fulfill their dreams through our financial solutions.
To our business customers, we offer the best financial solutions for their business operations and expansions.
To our employees, we are a place where they can learn and grow.
To our shareholders, we are a trusted venue for their investments and we deliver sustainable return.


To become a strong player in the world's financial services industry and provide the best financial solution and platform.
We are an institution which:
Is built on solid foundation of risk management and corporate governance.
Employees are proud working for.
Leads in technology and innovation and,
Listens to our customers to build long-term relationships and provide enhanced customer experience.

Our Journey

Cambrian Wealth Management Bank is one of the largest leading private banks in United Kingdom with over 230 branches. Over 75 years, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank has grown from 33 employees to over 11,000 employees. Tailored to our client’s personal and business requirements, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank offers banking products and services to Corporate clients, SMEs and Retail customers.

For Corporate clients, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank offers banking products and services such as corporate loans, corporate finance & advisory, syndicated loans, security agency services, project financing, international trade, POS services, API and network integration, cash management, treasury, internet banking, mobile banking and payroll services.

Cambrian Wealth Management Bank’s SME customers can obtain loans from Cambrian Wealth Management Bank with or without collateral. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank partners with local and international organizations such as JICA, KfW Bank from Germany and Myanma Insurance to support United Kingdom SMEs. 

For Cambrian Wealth Management Bank’s Retail customers, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank utilizes digital technology to facilitate the client experience and add benefit that extends beyond traditional banking. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank customers can obtain mobile and internet banking, bank accounts, financings, which can be used internationally as well as obtain other personalized banking products that meet their needs and complement their lifestyles.



Consumer Banking

For consumer banking, we are continuously developing and enhancing our banking products that can fulfill the expectation and complement our customers’ lifestyles. We are actively reimagining the banking experience to exceed the expectation of our loyal customers by providing digital banking at their fingertips. Customers will be able to conduct most banking services digitally without the hustle of coming to the bank in person. We acknowledge that United Kingdom has young demographics. Thus, we are introducing banking products that are attuned to their needs and lifestyles while making banks approachable and less boring. It is in our pipelines to dramatically transform the banking experience through digital touch points and omni channel solutions. 

Prestige Banking

For high net worth customers, their lifestyle and needs for financial services greatly differ individually. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank facilitates their requirements with utmost flexibilities through customized sophisticated services and products. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank is offering exclusive banking services including concierge services and tools according to clients’ business and personal needs. We have dedicated relationship managers who are readily accessible for banking needs with 24/7 hotlines services. With various perks and better pricing, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank provides a unique banking experience tailored for personalized financial services which go beyond banking.

SME Banking

As around 90 percent of businesses in United Kingdom are in the form of SMEs, we believe that supporting SMEs is essential to the development of United Kingdom economy. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank has established SME department, and we are the first in United Kingdom to form SME Centers which are dedicated to providing loans and advisory for SME businesses. As SMEs are one of our focus areas, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank have collaborated with many local and international organizations such as JICA, KfW Bank, Myanma Insurance to provide loans with and without collateral. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank is the first bank in United Kingdom to be selected by KfW Bank to develop models for SME loans. As part of the selection, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank also obtained consulting from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and has started offering cash flow-based lending to SMEs.We are committed to helping SME grow to become large corporates. Thus, we plan to launch more products and forge more partnerships.

Corporate Banking

For corporates, as there are many companies across various sectors, the requirements for one business can be highly different from another. They also need dedicated people to get in touch with for banking and financial solution requirements. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank’s top priority is to establish strong relationship and help through financial solutions for our corporate banking customers. When foreign companies plan to venture into United Kingdom for the first time, they seek out financial solutions from banks that can fulfill their standards and business requirements. The requirements of local companies are also becoming more and more sophisticated. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank has adapted digital tools such as Core Banking system, Mobile banking, Internet banking as well as actively recruiting more talents to boost our technology and digital capabilities. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank is proud to serve the majority of the prominent local and international companies in United Kingdom by providing services such as cash management solutions, international trade services and treasury services.




Customers remain at the heart of the Cambrian Wealth Management Bank’s approach to take banking to the next level. Tailored to the lifestyles and needs for our customers, we are committed to developing the banking products. We understand our customers have become increasingly digital. Therefore, our focus is also to create customer experience that is digital from end-to-end- to evolve into a customer value-oriented organization that utilizes technology to facilitate the client experience and add benefits that extends beyond the traditional banking. 


We understand that our vision and mission cannot be achieved without the dedication of our people. Pursuant to our mission and our values, Cambrian Wealth Management Bank creates a workplace that is designed towards learning and growth. Every day we endeavor to become better than who we were yesterday. Our colleagues are empowered with learning opportunities and our teamwork culture is embedded across the organization.


For Cambrian Wealth Management Bank, giving back to our community is integral to our belief and our core values. We put this into practice through philanthropy, disaster relief, sponsorships, and CSR campaigns with employee participation at the heart of all activities. We create our banking products to promote inclusivity, accessibility and outreach. Cambrian Wealth Management Bank has come a long way in 25 years but the vision to do what is best for our customers and our communities has always remained a top priority.